About Us

IsItLOUD? is the blog of two Pittsburghers who are very passionate about music and high fidelity audio. Unfortunately, since the 1980′s, the recording industry has insisted on making it more and more difficult to enjoy music in the same way the artists have intended due to the ongoing Loudness War.

We report on the ongoing problem by identifying chronically “loud” albums, keeping consumers informed before they drop fifteen of their hard-earned dollars on an overproduced album that sounds like garbage. We waste our money so you don’t have to!

What the record industry fails to understand is this: If I want it loud, I’M the one with the volume knob.

About Shaun:
Shaun Ewing is 22 and currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA. By day he’s a tech support specialist at a telephone company. By night he’s a self-proclaimed realistic audio snob (in other words, I don’t buy into all of the BS audiophile snake oil out there – SE). His audio equipment includes a Sony STR-V6 receiver, a Denon SACD/DVD-A player and vintage Infinity Reference RS-IIIb speakers.

About Chris:
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